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               FADE IN:

               EXT. DESERT - DAY

               The multicolored landscape of mountains, canyons and deserts
               informs us we are in the AMERICAN SOUTHWEST. A title card
               gives us the year: 1899.

               The CLIP-CLOP of horse hooves announce the arrival of our
               hero, RENO NEVADA. He is so drunk he can barely stay in the
               saddle of his giant, prehistoric-looking BLACK STALLION.

               A hand falls from his side and drops an empty bottle of
               whiskey into the sand. He is a drunk nomad, wandering

               His wanderings take him near a solitary church and its
               cemetery where a handful of mourners have gathered for a mass
               burial. We hear the wails of grief from their suffering as
               sheeted bodies are dragged from a buckboard filled with dead.

               He rides on, slumped in his saddle. As he roams the
               southwestern frontier, there is a MONTAGE of burial scenes
               like the one above, interspersed with images of the dead
               hanging from trees, twisting in the breeze. Vultures reign.

               All around Reno are signs of death, pestilence and disease.

               EXT. VILLAGE - DAY

               Reno rides into a small Mexican village. Along with other
               curious eyes, he garners the attention of a LOCAL STABLE BOY.
               The boy approaches him cautiously.

                                   STABLE BOY
                         Senor. Es usted El Pistolero de San

               Reno looks at him for a minute. He is about to reply when he
               suddenly leans over the opposite side of his mount and

               Reno wipes his sleeve across his mouth and regards the boy
               with bloodshot eyes. He nods.

               The kid grabs the reins of Reno's horse and guides Reno
               toward the stables. From the shuttered windows of the nearby
               adobe structures, the eyes of the faint-hearted watch with

               INT. MEXICAN CANTINA - DAY

               The TOWN ELDER is riled up as he goes on animatedly in
               Spanish to a gathered group of VILLAGERS.

               The stable boy enters and it takes a moment before they
               notice Reno standing impassively behind the boy. The room
               suddenly turns silent.

               Reno clears his throat and sets down his suitcase.

                         The money?

               Nervous glances all around. There is a pause as the
               collective consciousness of the group comes to a decision.
               Finally, the town elder produces a small box and takes out
               its contents. 

               Money. Probably the entire town's life savings from the look
               of it. Reno takes it and stuffs it into his shirt pocket. He
               stands there for another awkward moment.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         My room?

               The town elder nods and issues a command in Spanish to the
               boy to show the stranger to his room. As Reno trudges up the
               stairs he calls down to the men below.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         Have somebody bring up a bottle of
                         tequila, por favor.

               The villagers exchange more nervous glances. Not exactly what
               they were expecting.

               INT. HOTEL ROOM - DAY

               Reno sits on the bed, beside his open suitcase. He pulls out
               a large metal contraption. On the nightstand sits an open
               bottle of tequila.

               The contraption is some kind of belt with metal arms and a
               spring. As Reno fits it around his waist, he hears a knock at
               the door.

                         Come in.

               The stable boy enters with a plate of frijoles. The boy sets
               the plate down and watches Reno with wide-eyed fascination.

               Reno acknowledges the boy's existence with a nod of his head,
               and after a moment's hesitation, doesn't ask him to leave.

               He slides the contraption around his waist like a gunbelt. A
               component sticks up just to where Reno's elbows come to rest.
               With this mechanism in place, Reno forces the arms down,
               locking them into place, one after the other...


               The kid hasn't blinked since he entered the room. His
               fascination with the stranger shows on his young face.

               Now, Reno carefully slides his revolvers into his holster. He
               stands, buttoning his shirt while giving the kid a 'check
               this-out' grin.

               He faces the standing floor mirror as if he is confronting
               his image in a gunfight, his empty hands out to his sides. He
               then uses his elbows to squeeze the release mechanisms on the
               sides of the contraption...

               In a FLASH the arms release and WHIPS the six-shooters out of
               Reno's holster and into his waiting hands.

               The kid's eyes are as wide as saucers. His face says it all:
               There's not a soul alive who could draw faster than that! 

               Reno chuckles, tucks his shirt in and adjusts his collar.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         Go on now. Vamos.

               The boy backs out of the room never taking an eye off his new
               idol. Reno chuckles to himself as he straps a shiny cannister
               looking device across his back. 

               He takes a deep breath and rummages around in his suitcase
               for one final item. Finding it, he pulls it out. It's a tin
               star. He pins the badge to the inside of his lapel.

               When the time is right, he'll flash it. In the meantime he
               takes a swig of tequila, gargles and then downs it. He
               stretches his neck and shoulders, adjusting the straps across
               his chest. Finally he dons his hat. It's showtime.

               EXT. CANTINA - NIGHT

               Reno exits. As soon as he steps outside, he hears the din of
               raucous activity in the saloon across the street.

               INT. SALOON - NIGHT

               Reno enters, stands by the swinging doors, and surveys the
               place. Two types of people occupy this smoke-filled saloon:
               frightened villagers; and the other type: mean-spirited, evil
               bandits who thrive on rape, murder and mayhem.

               The place goes silent as all eyes fall upon him. (It's rare
               to see a gringo walk in here, especially one equipped in such
               an odd fashion.)

               Reno saunters past the doors and sidles up to the bar. He
               watches as the innocent eye him with apprehension; and the
               guilty with contempt. A pair of younger eyes - those of the
               stable boy - watch him from a hiding place under the stairs. 


               With his back to the saloon, the place returns to normal.

               A large burly MEXICAN eyes Reno in silence. Reno notices,
               lifts his glass to him.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)

               He downs his drink. The Mexican hasn't blinked.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         You Chucho?

               The man stares at him like a statue. Reno turns to the BIG
               MAN on his right, taps him on the arm. The mountain of a man
               turns and looks Reno up and down, seething with contempt.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)

               The man turns away. Reno again nods to himself. He's getting
               nowhere fast. After a moment, he pulls out a gun and fires
               into the air. The place falls silent.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         Who here is Chucho?

               At a table near the entrance, men separate and the occupants
               of the table are revealed: a mean, one-eyed son-of-a-bitch
               (CHUCHO) and in his massive grip a frightened SENORITA.

               Reno makes a face and holsters his weapon. 

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         Oh my God, are you ugly. They were
                         not kidding.
                             (looks around for
                         Is that not the ugliest face you've
                         ever seen?

               He mocks a cold shiver. People around him just stare.

               Chucho keeps his grip on the girl, easing his chair back. The
               place starts to fan out a little. Chucho's HENCHMEN are
               quietly moving into defensive positions around the stranger. 

               Reno seems either not to notice or not to care.

                             (looking around)
                         Que paso aqui? Que locura es esto?

               A sinister smile forms on his deformed face.

                                   CHUCHO (CONT'D)
                         Que le puso a esta?
                             (no response, he points a
                              thumb at Reno)
                         Este hombre es grave? Si?

               Either no one knows how to answer or no one has the guts to.

                                   CHUCHO (CONT'D)
                             (grin fading)
                         I thinks this stranger has lost his
                         mind, no? Perhaps he has desert
                         fever? Or maybe one of you has put
                         him up to pull a joke on me. Es
                         funny! No?

               His men relax a little, some nervous laughter fills the room.

                                   CHUCHO (CONT'D)
                             (to the stranger)
                         I tell you what, Senor, you tell
                         whoever put you up to this that you
                         made Chucho laugh. That is not such
                         an easy thing to do! Lucky for you
                         I'm in a festive mood.

               He raises his glass to all the patrons.

                                   CHUCHO (CONT'D)

               Down it goes, one gulp. Chucho's attention falls back to the
               girl in his grip. Her frightened look hasn't diminished.

                         I'm gonna give you three minutes,
                         fat man.

               Chucho cranes his head as if he didn't hear correctly. Reno
               calmly regards the gold time piece in his hands.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         Three minutes, you and your stench
                         ridden, goat-herdin' men here. Get
                         on those flea-bitten horses you
                         have tied outside and ride out of
                             (he looks at his watch)
                         Three minutes. Oughta be plenty.

               Chucho's smile disappears. Whatever tolerance the madman had
               with this stranger has all but evaporated. He rises slowly to
               his feet.

                         No one threatens Chucho.

               People press their backs to the walls, clearing themselves of
               the shooting lanes. Chucho's men are quietly drawing their
               weapons, pulling back hammers, etc.

               There is a moment of intense silence as eyes narrow and jaws
               set. The stable boy is on pins and needles from his hiding
               perch beneath the stairs. No one moves a muscle...

               And then it happens.

               Chucho goes for his guns and Reno hits his elbows against his
               ribs and two pistols fly into his waiting hands and in a
               flash he guns down Chucho along with one of his men standing
               by the door. 

               Just as Reno fires, he rolls over the bar, narrowly avoiding
               the buckshot coming from the shotgun from the man on his
               right. Two more of Chucho's men go down amid exploding wood
               and glass.

               Reno takes out two more gun-wielding targets at the top of
               the stairs, but his handguns are clicking now, EMPTY.

               Through the back door, two more of Chucho's men BURST IN,
               guns blazing. Reno leaps behind a capsized table and
               methodically hits a release on the center of the leather
               straps criss-crossing his chest.

               The silver cannister on his back POPS open and a shotgun
               SPRINGS over his shoulder and into his hands. Before the men
               can react, Reno blasts them into the wall.

               The place is filled with gunsmoke amid the groans of dying
               men and the muffled cries of frightened villagers. Reno
               slowly rises to his feet, surveying the damage. 

               Behind him, Chucho performs a death-crawl through the smoke
               and blood and corpses. He reaches for a gun. He rolls over to
               shoot Reno in the back.

               The stable boy sees this and shouts.

                                   STABLE BOY

               Reno spins and lets a knife fly from a hidden sheath up his
               sleeve. The knife pierces the chest of Chucho, ending his

               Reno strolls over to Chucho's body, retrieves the knife and
               wipes off the blood on his pants leg. He picks up a shot
               glass, toasts the kid, and downs the contents in one gulp.

               EXT. VILLAGE - NEXT DAY

               Time for Reno to leave. Some of the villagers surround his
               horse, expressing their gratitude. The stable boy makes his
               way through the crowd carrying several bottles of whiskey,
               which Reno takes and sticks in various bags in his saddle.

               He locks eyes with the boy, smiles and flips him a gold coin.
               The kid catches it with a grin. As the relieved villagers
               look on, Reno rides out of town and back into oblivion.

               EXT. DESERT - MORNING

               Reno's campsite. Looks like he's really sleeping one off.
               Empty bottle of whiskey nearby. Suddenly...

               A PAIR OF GRUBBY HANDS reach in and grab him, jolting him

               EXT. DESERT - DAY

               A GANG OF RUFFIANS has Reno face down on the back of his
               horse, hands tied. They're leading him across the desert
               plains. Canyons and peaks fill the backdrop. 

               Unseen by the gang and some distance behind, is the
               shimmering image of SOMEONE FOLLOWING ON HORSEBACK.

               EXT. DRY RIVER BED - DAY

               The gang rides hard. From the P.O.V. of the follower, we see
               the gang tear through a narrow gap in the canyon.


               The gang's destination. A mine shaft bored in the base of a
               tall canyon. 

               This gold mine is in the heart of a hidden canyon in the
               desert. Reno looks up and sees armed men perched at various
               lookout positions among the rocks.

               The gang dismounts and yanks Reno from his horse. They escort
               him roughly through the mine shaft's entrance.

               Far away, the figure who's been following the group dismounts
               and continues on foot, using the rocks for cover.

               INT. MINE SHAFT - DAY

               Two men drag Reno into the center of a make-shift arena;
               wooden platforms form three levels all around him. On each
               level, a half-dozen or so gunmen jeer at him from above.

               In front of Reno is a fiery pit stoked with a dozen red-hot
               pokers. To his right lies a giant pit, in the center of which
               hangs a large steel chain. Behind him is a wooden spindle,
               serving as a winch for the chain that rises up from it.

               One of the gang members, FINNEGAN, wearing a steampunk hat
               and glasses, approaches. His grimy hands sport black gloves
               with the fingertips cut off. Finnegan's smirk reveals he is
               the intellectual of the group. He looks at Reno and smiles.

                         Been lookin' for you a long time,
                         Reno Nevada. Now we get to have us
                         some fun!

               He grabs the chain and swivels the hook on the end above
               Reno's head. He then uses it to attach Reno's tied hands to
               the chain and suspend Reno off the ground like a side of
               beef. He spins Reno around like a top, laughing hysterically.

                                   FINNEGAN (CONT'D)
                         You're lookin' a little green
                         there, Reno! You sure you're
                         feelin' okay?

               Truth is, Reno isn't feeling okay. He looks like he could
               barf at any moment.

               As Reno's vision tries to clear and his world stops spinning,
               he hears the ominous SOUND of a bullwhip being cracked. He
               squints, blinks and sees HARLAN approach, a ONE-ARMED
               miscreant, dragging the devil's tail of the whip behind him. 

               Harlan flashes a grin as he comes face-to-face with Reno.

                         Hello, Reno. Been a while, hasn't
                             (indicating the whip in
                              his hand)
                         I see you're still carrying around
                         this old thing. How long's it been?

               Reno shrugs.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         I love the crack of a good
                         bullwhip, don't you?

               He CRACKS it loud. The sound reverberates throughout the
               entire mine shaft. The men on the platform eye the action at
               the center ring with intense anticipation. 

               Reno notices the stump at the end of Harlan's arm.

                         Must be kinda hard to scratch your
                         ass in the morning, seeing how you
                         always favored using both hands.

                         Good one. I see you haven't lost
                         your sense of humor, partner. Wanna
                         see how long you can hold on to it?

               He cracks the whip again. He and Reno lock eyes.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Where's my map?

                         Map? What map would that be?

                         You know goddamn well what map. The
                         treasure map! Where the hell is it!

                             (indicating Harlan's
                         Last time I saw, you had your
                         greedy little fingers wrapped
                         around it.

               Harlan regards Reno coolly. He begins to edge away.

                         Fine. Have it your way.

               Harlan motions to one of his men, DIETRICH, a large German
               with tattoos covering his arms and neck. Dietrich grabs Reno
               and spins him to where his back is facing Harlan's whip.

               Harlan unfurls the whip and then goes to town on Reno's back.
               Reno's face grimaces in exquisite pain with each CRACK.


               While the CRACK, CRACK, CRACK of the whip echoes through the
               canyon, our mysterious friend has penetrated the perimeter of
               the hideout and found an entry at the very top. 

               He is revealed to be an Indian, probably Navajo based on his
               clothes, and his movements are very stealth-like. He is known
               by the name LONG HAWK. He disappears inside the mine shaft.

               INT. MINE SHAFT - DAY

               Whipping a man is hard work, especially in the furnace of
               this abandoned mine shaft and Harlan appears he's worn
               himself out. Reno, however, looks ten times worse. His back
               is bloody and shredded. Harlan plops down on an empty crate.

                         Alright, Reno. Nuff fun and games.
                         Tell me what you did with it and we
                         can all have a drink together.

               Reno can barely speak; his reply is unintelligible.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         What the hell do you care about it

                             (summoning the strength to
                         I don't.

                         Then why go through all this pain
                         and suffering? For christsakes, I'm
                         beginning to think you enjoy this.

               Reno manages a shrug which startles and confuses Harlan. 

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Alright then. You brought this on
                         upon yourself.

               He turns to Finnegan.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         You search his camp?

                         We didn't find anything, but he had
                         this on him.

               Finnegan kicks an open suitcase over to Harlan.

                         Ah, yes, Reno's little tinkerings.
                             (to Reno)
                         You always did like to fiddle with
                         your hands. Let's take a look-see.

               He picks up something that looks like a cannister with
               leather straps, looks it over and then tosses it to Finnegan.
               Finnegan examines it curiously and puts his arms through the
               straps all the while keeping an eye on Reno.

               Reno watches this without expression, but his eyes are sharp.

               Finnegan models the device for the men up in the platform who
               hoot and haw from above.

                             (to Reno)
                         What's it do?

               Reno spits blood at Finnegan's feet. This elicits more
               raucous catcalls from the spectators above them.

               Finnegan is undeterred. He looks at the latch in the center
               of the straps. He steps back, hits it with the palm of his
               hand. The cannister POPS open and the shotgun FLIES over
               Finnegan's shoulder and into his surprised hands.

               The crowd goes wild. Reno remains unmoved. Nothing in his
               eyes but disdain for Finnegan and the rest of his crew. 

               FROM THE SHADOWS ABOVE...

               Long Hawk watches, unseen, waiting for the right moment to

               BACK TO FINNEGAN

               as he welcomes the admiration from his peers and then returns
               his attention to the shotgun and its attached spring
               mechanism. He finds the release lever and forces the weapon
               back into its cannister.

                                   FINNEGAN (CONT'D)
                             (fingering the straps)
                         And a perfect fit too. What else
                         you got in there?

               Harlan stands up, his impatience getting the better of him.

                         Alright, enough of the circus
                         tricks. Reno, you gonna tell me
                         where that goddamn map is or not?

               Reno looks down, shakes his head.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                             (motions to his men)
                         Bring that dumb ass mule in here.

               Reno's head lifts almost imperceptively.

               It takes several of Harlan's men but they manage to drag
               SAMSON, Reno's monster of a horse, into the center of the
               mine shaft. The horse is fighting every step of the way.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Tie him down! Tie that bastard

               The men tie the other end of their ropes to the wooden
               pillars at the base of the platform. Harlan goes to the fire
               pit and sinks his hand into a thick leather glove. He picks
               up a red-hot poker.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Last chance, Nevada. Either you
                         lead me to that map of mine or
                         you'll find yourself riding out of
                         here on a horse with no eyes!

               Reno tightens his jaw.

                         I wouldn't do that if I were you.

                         Have it your way.

               Two of Harlan's men struggle to hold the horse's head steady
               as Harlan approaches with the poker. Reno watches in
               anguished silence. Just as Harlan brings the poker eye-level
               with the horse, Reno opens his mouth to speak, but then...

               ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as Reno's horse goes BERSERK! 

               He uses all his god-given horsepower to lurch upward,
               knocking back Harlan and sending the two men reeling. He
               yanks hard at the ropes, tearing the wooden pylons out of the
               ground, causing the platform to teeter to one side.

               Harlan's men come tumbling down the three levels as the
               platform begins its one-sided collapse. Reno watches
               helplessly as Harlan's men struggle to subdue Reno's horse.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Shoot the goddamn thing!

               One of Harlan's men on the platform aims his rifle at the
               horse as the platform teeters precariously. Before he can
               fire, Long Hawk springs into action, swooping down a rope and
               kicking the man over the railing.

               The man falls head-over-heels into the fire pit and the
               resulting action causes a poker to fly end-over-end right at
               Reno. It pierces the wooden spool behind him as it singes
               Reno's side. Reno cries out in pain.

               The Indian continues to move down the platform swiftly,
               cutting key support ropes as he does so. The platform comes
               CRASHING DOWN in a thunderous explosion of dust and wood.

               Harlan staggers to his feet, helping Finnegan up. Coughing,
               he points to the horse.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Kill that beast!

               Finnegan looks around for a weapon, then suddenly remembers
               the cannister on his back. He hits the release lever, grabs
               the materialized shotgun and aims it straight at the horse's

               Reno struggles against his restraints, helpless.

               Finnegan pulls the trigger but the shotgun MISFIRES and
               EXPLODES in Finnegan's face, sending him careening into
               Harlan who then lands directly in the fire pit. Both men roll
               on the ground, their clothes aflame.


               As the Navajo lands just before him with a raised knife.

               To Reno's surprise and relief, the Indian cuts through Reno's
               bindings and then frees the horse. In the next instant, he
               helps Reno mount Samson and hops on behind him.

               The two of them ride out on Reno's horse in a flurry of dust.

               Harlan picks himself up and pats out the last smoldering
               flames on his sleeve. He motions to his men who stand around
               looking shell-shocked.

                                   HARLAN (CONT'D)
                         Well just don't stand there! Get
                         after them!

               Harlan shakes his head as he dusts himself off. Suddenly
               something on the ground grabs his attention. He walks over
               and picks it up.

               RENO'S HAT

               Harlan examines it and then discovers something tucked on the
               inside headband:


               Harlan takes the photograph and holds it up, smiling with a
               sudden revelation. His laughter ECHOES through the canyon.

               EXT. DESERT - DAY

               On Samson, Reno and the Indian ride hard. They approach the
               place where the Indian's horse is tied and without missing a
               beat, the Indian grabs the reins and tows the horse behind. 

               They ride off, Reno held in the saddle by the Indian.

               EXT. DESERT - LATER

               A cactus-filled desert at the base of table-top mountains. A
               trail of dust reveals Long Hawk riding his stead fast and
               hard and tethered behind them is Reno, barely conscious,
               hunched over Samson's saddle.

               EXT. WATERING HOLE - DAY

               They stop long enough for Long Hawk to appraise Reno's
               injuries. Long Hawk gives Reno a much needed drink from his
               canteen. Reno raises his head.

                         Who are you?

               Long Hawk re-corks his canteen, doesn't answer.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         Well at least tell me where the
                         hell we're goin'.

                                   LONG HAWK
                             (pointing to the mountain
                              ridge in the distance)
                         The other side of the ridge.

               Reno follows the Indian's hand. The mountain ridge seems a
               million miles from here. Reno rolls his eyes.


               Long Hawk smiles to himself as he adjusts Reno's saddle. In
               the next instant, he adroitly swings back into his saddle and
               spurs his mount, resuming their journey.

               EXT. DESERT - NIGHT

               Reno manages to open his eyes. He looks up, sees the full
               moon shining brightly in the cloudless night.

               Long Hawk pulls hard on the reins.

                                   LONG HAWK
                         We're here.


               Buried at the base of this mountain ridge is a small cabin
               and nearby stands a white, clapboard church.
               The sound of the approaching horses causes the door of the
               cabin to open and out steps THE PREACHER. He's tall, austere,
               and white-haired.

               He is followed by his beautiful, twenty-something daughter,
               EVE. Together they help Long Hawk ease Reno down from his
               horse and carry him inside. The Preacher looks around
               cautiously before closing and bolting the front door.


               Inside, they place Reno on a cot in one of the bedrooms. The
               Preacher inspects the deep wounds on Reno's back.

                                   THE PREACHER
                         Looks like someone really took an
                         interest in you, friend. I've never
                         seen a man beaten as bad as you. 
                             (leans in close)
                         You may hate to hear this, but I
                         think you're gonna pull through.
                             (to his daughter)
                         Eve, best fetch some clean linen
                         and get the hot water to boiling.
                         We're gonna need to wash him and
                         wrap him up tight.

                         Yes, Pa.

               Eve turns to go but lingers at the doorway. Reno opens his
               eyes long enough to take in the sight of the young woman
               standing in the doorway staring back at him. The image of her
               grows fuzzy and then...

                                                              FADE OUT:

               FADE IN:


               Reno looks up from his cot to see a smiling Eve approach with
               a cup of hot coffee in her hands. Despite the bandages
               wrapped around his torso, he tries to sit up and look
               presentable. The pain is still with him and it shows.

                             (setting the coffee down)
                         You must'nt move. You need to lie
                         still, Mister --

               Reno relaxes.

                         Name's Reno.

                         I know.

                         I didn't catch yours.

               She turns, smiles.

                         Eve. It was Long Hawk brought you
                         here last night.

               Reno hears the fall of an axe outside. He lifts his head up
               to peek out the window.

               RENO'S P.O.V. 

               Samson grazes peacefully in the pasture behind the house, as
               Long Hawk brushes him. Off in the field, the Preacher stands
               before a tree stump, chopping firewood.

                         That your Pa?
                             (Eve nods)
                         What's his name?

                         Everyone in these parts just calls
                         him the Preacher. Always have.
                             (nods toward the horse)
                         That's a magnificent creature you
                         have there.

               Reno eases himself down.


                         I'd love to hear tale of how you
                         two came to meet. When you're
                         feeling better, of course.

                         No offense, ma'am, but when I get
                         to feelin' better, I'm gettin' on
                         that magnificent creature and
                         ridin' the hell out of here, and I
                         don't intend on lookin' back.

               Eve looks down, nods. 

                         I understand.

                         Don't get me wrong. It's just that
                         being kidnapped and all has a sort
                         of an adverse effect on a man's
                         disposition, if you know what I
                         mean. And, well I've kinda grown
                         attached to holdin' my own reins.

               Eve nods again as she toys with one of the buttons on her
               calico dress.

                                   RENO (CONT'D)
                         But I guess if I had to be
                         kidnapped, there's no one else I'd
                         rather have holdin' my reins than
                         such a pretty young thing as

               She looks up at him and smiles. She starts to rise.

                         I better let Pa know you're awake.
                         I 'spect he'll be wanting to talk
                         to you as soon as you're able.

               Reno watches her leave and licks his parched lips. He grunts
               in pain as he reaches for the cup of coffee.
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